Welcoming Aime Alonzo To The 106 TBC Radio Family

106 TBC Radio would like to welcome Aime Alonzo to our 106 TBC Radio family. Aime has an new show called “Everything Aime” that will air every Wednesday at 10am EST.

Aime Alonzo, is an Actress, Writer, Director and Producer. She is an Associate Producer of the acclaimed documentary “John Leguizamo’s Road to Broadway” that aired on PBS in November of 2018 and Director of a series that is streaming on Amazon. Aime has worked on multiple Film, Television, and Theater projects and has interacted with many prominent people in the entertainment industry. She is also a photographer. She is a verbal and visual story teller.  Her Instagram sites her as a jack of all trades, master of many due to her well-rounded life experience.

Throughout her adult life she has had the opportunity to travel the world and believes that as people we have more things in common that unite us. She is also an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Altea Consulting and Mediation LLC. She has worked as a mediator, arbitrator, trainer, customer service expert, ombudsman, domestic violence hearing officer, and as a manager. She has experience in managing Human Resources. Aime is an advisory committee member of a National Consortium and a board member of a Community Collaborative Board. She has been a conference presenter at the National Center for State Courts, at the American Bar Association, was adjunct professor for a local college and guest speaker at the Northwest College Race and Ethnic Relations Course in Powel, Wyoming. Aime holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts and a Juris Doctorate Degree, and now we are proud to announce that Aime can now add her list of being a radio host on 106TBCRadio.com

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