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This weeks 106 TBC Radio Creative Choice for Black history month is, the Beautiful and talented Marguerite Annie Johnson aka Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was born April 4th 1928 in St. Louis, Mo. she was an poet, singer, actress and an civil rights Activist.

Maya Angelou first beginning’s in life was not a fairy tail story, but it has been known in history as inspirational to us all . Her 1st autobiography was in 1969 called, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings which talk’s about her life up to the age of 17.

There have been many ups and downs in Maya Angelou’s life but through it all , she learned to stand tall. Maya Angelou learned that her voice was her power and she used her power to encourage us to stand tall no matter what life throw’s at us. Her voice was not only an encouragement to everyone but it was amplify among women especially women of color.

Not only did Maya Angelou set the table for all women and women of color, she is also known for her inspirational poetry like Women Work, Touched by an Angel , Africa, Phenomenal Women and the list goes on.

Maya Angelou’s words of poetry has left an permanent mark in history, that poets , journalists and historians will tell for centuries.

Maya Angelou sadly passed away in Winston- Salem NC on May 28th at the age of 86, but she will forever live in our hearts and through her words of poetry.

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