Talk Shows

106 TBC Radio Talk Show Lineup

Talk and entertainment is the main driving force behind 106 TBC Radio. 106 TBC Radio is a part of the TBC Media Group LLC and is dedicated to bring you great talk shows and an entertaining music lineups. Our audience is very important to us and we strive every day to deliver the best programming. In a global community no voice is too small. We all learn from each other and we can all inspire each other. Music, poetry, spoken word, and in depth talk shows round out a line-up that’s sure to inspire and entertain you. Enjoy a variety of genres like rock, pop, hip-hop, gospel, and reggae.




Hanging Out With Momma Denise

    Weather it’s a new Recipe, shopping, a party or just relaxing  you can find “Momma Denise” hanging out. She’s always having fun with her daughter and her friends. She’s a real down to earth no-nonsense host who loves to make people laugh and have a good time. When you are hanging out with “Momma Denise” you will never be disappointed.








The Dee Dee Walker Live Radio Show

  Celebrity and upcoming artist interviews, burning issues, music concerts and more are brought to you by Dee Dee Walker Live.  From entertainment to politics Dee Dee explores it all with an upbeat down to earth style that is heart warming. Dee Dee Walker Live make’s her celebrities feel like family and the folks next door feel like celebrities.