106 TBC Radio’s Power Couple of the Month


Mike & Deena Beasley


106 TBC Radio’s Couple of the Month

Introducing Mike and Deena Beasley as 106 TBC Radio’s Couple of the month… As you can see their loving smile reflect’s on their true personalities. Mike Beasley  and his wife are no stranger’s to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood life, but they never let their Hollywood life interfere with their family time with each other and their children.

Mike Beasley who is the son of the famous John Beasley , caught the acting bug later in life started off playing professional basketball overseas, years later he decided to try his hand in acting in 2005 and never stopped. You can find Mike Beasley in movies like , The Great Debaters, Flight , Steel Magnolias, Miss Virginia and the list goes on… 

Just over ten years Mike Beasley has worked with some of the greatest actor’s in Hollywood like…   Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro . Don Cheadle, Ben Stiller and that list goes on …. But the one thing Mike Beasley is very passionate about is his kids and his wife Deena Beasley

Mike Beasley lovely wife who always puts her family first is an model, singer and an actress, who started her career as an model when she was just an Teenager in New York. Later Deena left the U.S. to pursue her modeling career and traveled to Paris, Milan, London, Germany and Japan where she was very successful.

Just before the beautiful and talented Deena Beasley began her acting career, she was an writer and singer abroad in places like, Russia, Germany and England and as well as the United States. Years later Deena became and actress, you can find her in movies like, Mystic Rising, Single Ladies,Finding Love Forever, The Bad Lieutenant, It’s SuperNatural and more.

106 TBC Radio is honored to name the Beasley’s as “106 TBC Radio’s Power Couple of the Month”… To learn more about this amazing couple and what other movies and project’s they are in check out their IMDb’s.

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  • Your program is really informative n love 106 TBC Radio.

  • Lisa Hankins
    8 months ago

    Awesome show! We needed this ..

    • Dee Dee Walker Live
      8 months ago

      Thank you so much we are so happy you enjoyed the show please tell your friends and family to check us out as well.

    • Dee Dee Walker Live
      8 months ago

      Thank you so much Lisa Hankins

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