106 TBC Radio’s Artist of The Month of December

Watch out Funkadelic fans because here come’s the Queen of Funk miss Shirley Clinton herself, with her hit songs like, Funk Me if your Nasty. which is aired all over as well as right here on our 106 TBC Radio station.

Shirley Clinton, is no stranger to the all mighty sounds of Funk, because she come’s from a history of musical talent in her family.

Shirley Clinton is also the niece of George Edward Clinton who is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, record producer and actor. Most of his fan’s knows him as the king of Parliament-Funkadelic the music of his times.

The King of Funk, George Clinton himself, not only supports his niece but he is the very reason for her style of music.

We are honored to name Miss Shirley Clinton as our 106 TBC Radio’s Artist of the month, her music is energetic and she is an phenomenal artist.

Also 106 TBC Radio can’t wait to see what she get’s Funky with next …

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